The Captain & Crew

Captain Troy Winsor

Troy Winsor is a fully qualified Master 5 and Med 2 who has a huge passion for all styles of fishing the Great Barrier Reef has to offer. Before becoming Captain of the Viking 2 in 2022, Troy had done 8 Cairns heavy tackle marlin seasons as crewman. This time was spent learning the art of chasing Giant Black Marlin, vessel operation as well as helping the charter guests have the best possible experience by showing them everything the Reef has to offer.

Troy also has a large amount of experience in Light tackle marlin fishing, having done many years chasing Juvenile black marlin on Australia’s Gold Coast and Cairns. When Troy is not at the Helm of the Viking 2 he can usually be found in his own trailer boat somewhere on the water off Cairns exploring The Great barrier reefs fishery.

Troy Winsor - Viking ll Captain

Andy Dow

Recognised as one of the top crewman in the world with 28 years in the fishing industry including 23 Cairns heavy tackle seasons.

Fishing some of the hotspots around the world including Africa, Portugal and Caribbean along with Australia’s Port Stephens & Gold Coast with some of the best Captains in the world.

Andy has a wealth of experience in Heavy Tackle Light Tackle Ultra Light Tackle Fly fishing 

With many tournament wins including 3 consecutive Lizard Island tournament wins along with 3 world records, 6 Australian records to his name and an eye to detail you are in experienced hands

Andy Dow - Viking ll Crew